We offer several levels of plans based on your current needs.  These plans can be utilized with several building types including metal buildings and wood “pole barns”.  We send you a file via email which you can print as large as 36 inches by 24 inches.

–Many people do Not need to spend $2,000+ when what you need is a lower detail plan to get your total project pricing.  Also our stock plans may be just what you are looking for and they are less than $1,000.

Custom Barndominium Plans

We can provide design for any size building, if you are looking to building your dream Barndominium contact us and we can help your dreams come true.  Visit our Contact Us page, fill in our information, and we’ll get back to you with a design cost.

Custom plan costs vary, but as a starting point you can use this formula for Level 2 plans:

     $400 + ($0.50 * Living Space Square Footage)

Sketches of your plans will help us.  Including building width and length, room sizes desired.  If one of our plans is similar to what you want you can print it and draw changes on it.

Things to include on your plan

  • Size or approximate size of your rooms.
  • Door sizes – for the living area doors as well as the shop doors (and their location).
  • Ceiling Height
  • Building Eave Height
  • Building Roof Pitch
  • Ceiling fan locations
  • Building Bay Spacing and Column spacing if known
  • Size of shop area


Level 2 Plans – $520

Our Level 2 plans provide more detail to allow for accurate bidding and construction.  Providing these plans will allow you to work with a building contractor/erector to finalize building and slab design.

Includes all the items from Level 1 PLUS the following:

  • Exterior Elevations Front, Back and Sides
  • Complete dimensions
  • Door sizes
  • Lighting and Switch locations
  • Fan & Vent locations
  • Ceiling heights
  • Typical wall section

And you can further customize your plans with the following A la Cart Adds/Changes

  • Mirror the Plan – $0
  • Loft above livings space including structural framing- Add $175
  • Porch – Add $120 (specify size and location)
  • Customization of plan on our website (contact us for pricing)



Example Barndominium Plan with Electrical

Level 1 Plans – $260

Our Level 1 plans provide enough detail for budget pricing needs and you can pay the difference to upgrade to Level 2 plans in the future if/when needed.

The following customization is included with the plan you select:

  • Height of your building
  • Your specified Shop Length
  • Your specified Shop Doors (You will tell these details so we can customize your plans.)
    Example: I would like the shop the be 40 feet long with two 10 foot wide by 10 foot tall doors centered on the end wall.  –You can send us a diagram with these details.

Plans include:

  • Floor Plan
  • Front elevation of Barndominium.
  • Overall building dimensions
  • Interior Room dimensions

We don’t allow a la cart changes to these plans. (See Level 2 to customize your Barndominium plans).

Level1 Barndominium Floor Plan Example