Frequently Asked Questions

How can I submit a sketch of my design for a quote?
For Semi-Custom Floor Plans, please print the Floor Plan you like and sketch in your changes (and make a list via a document or email). For Custom Floor Plans, create a rough or detailed sketch. Then scan or snap a photo of your sketch and send us a message via our Contact Us Page and we will email you with our contact information (We do not publish our email address to cut down on SPAM).

What are the ceiling heights for the plans?
The ceiling heights for each plan are listed in the details section below each plan. Most are 8 feet but some have other details.

Is there room for a loft with with your Barndominium living area or in the shop area?
The room for a loft all depends on how tall you build your metal building. Many people do build them tall enough for loft areas.

Are your plans stamped MEP blueprints?
Since most municipalities do not require stamped Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing (MEP) blueprints for the interior finish, we only provide non-stamped floor plans with standard plumbing call-outs and electrical layouts. Please check with your municipality. You will likely find they only require stamped blueprints for the metal or pole barn structure.

What does the Electrical Layout contain?
The Electrical Layout shows standard locations for outlets, lights, ceiling fans, vent fans, switches, and switch wiring. Ceiling fans are placed in the living room and bedrooms, and vent fans in the bathrooms.

Can the Electrical Layout be modified?
Our Starter and Stock Floor Plans come as-is. If modifications are needed, please upgrade to either a Semi-Custom and Custom Floor Plan. For these floor plans, we provide a suggested Electrical Layout and allow one revision.

What is included with the Exterior Drawing Package?
Our Exterior Drawing Package contains four 2D exterior elevation drawings (showing one side per drawing) and two 3D exterior perspective drawings (showing two sides per drawing). For Semi-Custom and Custom Floor Plans, clients may specify eave height, roof pitch, and interior ceiling height, & porch designs.

Why would I need exterior drawings?
Some banks require exterior drawings for financing. Our elevation drawings help you visualize the placement of windows and doors. Our perspective drawings further enhance visualization, especially eave height and roof pitch.

Can you provide a Plumbing Layout?
Our floor plans show toilet center lines, cabinet and vanity lengths, and appliance, sink, tub, and shower locations so your plumbing contractor can box in the supply and drain lines before the slab is poured. Boxed in plumbing provides flexibility so these lines will match up with the cabinets, vanities, fixtures, and appliances of your choice. Your plumbing and/or septic system contractors will determine the remaining layout based upon your land, your sewer system requirements, and water supply.

Can you provide a Mechanical Layout?
Some of our plans include a utility room housing a water heater and HVAC unit. Others do not, speculating the utilities will be placed in the attic or shop by your plumber and ducting contractors. If you would like to indicate or modify the location of your utilities, please select a Semi-Custom or Custom Floor Plan. Your HVAC contractor will design your ducting and ventilation systems.

How are Floor Plans delivered?
Our Floor Plans are delivered via email as PDF files and are to scale. We suggest printing at an office supply store offering print services. Typical pricing is around $1.80 per 11”x17” sheet and $3.60 per 24”x36” sheet. You may print as many copies as you need.

What are the copyrights on your Floor Plans?
Our Floor Plans are intended for single use only. If you have other requirements or wish to purchase a copyright release, please contact us for details.

What forms of payment do you take?
We invoice via You will receive an email with a link to their secure website where you will enter your credit card information. All major credit cards are accepted.

Do you have another question? Please contact us using our Contact Us Page (We will respond via email or with a phone call!)

Do I need to pay for a customized barndominium floor plan for small changes?

Often times you do not need to have us edit your plan for small changes.  Builders usually “redline” plans to add details or to indicate changes such as:

  • move a door
  • move or resize a window
  • resize a shower
  • add a fireplace
  • add or change the dimensions of  a porch

Redlining a floor plan can be done after the plans are printed or before printing with a software program.  Below is a section of a floorplan redlined before printing on a  Windows 10 computer with the program “Draw Board PDF” which can open and edit our floor plans which are delivered to you in as a .pdf file.

Redline Barndominium Floor Plan

Relined Barndominium Floor Plan example

General Barndominium Questions


Who sells Barndominum Kits?
We’ve yet to find many Barndominium Kits in the sense of buying everything for your home. What you will often find are metal building kits. If you are wanting a home you will want to consider how you will seal the home top and bottom. (Insulation all around and closure strips down low can help.) Also when possible make sure your metal building/barn is being designed to be a home (think wind load, snow load etc.).

As for the interior components those are usually custom (think cabinets, flooring choices, trim and doors) and thus would not be included with a kit. This isn’t a bad thing because there are companies who will look at your floor plans and estimate the lumber needed for the interior build out of your barndo.

Is there room for a loft with with your Barndominium living area or in the shop area?
The room for a loft all depends on how tall you build your metal building. Many people do build them tall enough for loft areas.

What is Barndominium Cost Per Square Foot?
This varies hugely depending on the 4 W’s: Where, When, What and Who.

  • Who will do the construction? If you outsource it all to a General Contractor $100 a square foot for the living area of your barndominium is a good starting place.
  • Where are you going to build your barndominium? Costs for labor and materials vary for different locations. Will you need to remove rock to pour your foundation?
  • What are you planning for your barndominium? Are you going with high end finishes such as granite and custom cabinets and tile throughout or are you going with stained concrete and stock cabinets?
  • When are you going to build affects the pricing for both materials and labor. Costs for materials where 20%+ lower a couple of years ago.

Our Facebook Group Barndominium Homes has a post of a barndominium built for $38,000 in Alabama with the interior cabinets and door made by the owner. Search the group for Kamila Barnhouse Alabama.

Can I buy a Barndominium Shell and finish it or sub it out?
This is often an option for many DIY Barndo homes. Many barn builders will be more than happy to build you a barn that you finish. Like a Barn kit you will want to make sure you get a building that will seal out the elements and be strong and sturdy for your home.

Consider upgraded doors (with wind struts) and windows making sure they are flashed properly and home grade for operation and insulated. Many shells will not come with door and window frame outs which can be quite pricey. If you are thinking you will DIY some of the framing of windows and doors then consider a wood framed barn instead of a barn framed (think structure) which is made of metal.

Once you have the shell built sub contractors like framers and carpenters can build inside the barn shell much like a normal home.

Two Story Barndominiums
Many people are building two story barndominums. Usually they are younger and thus do not mind have stairs to climb everyday. All of our plans can be customized with a second story for a loft or rooms.
In some cases a two story barndominium might save you some money when looking at the price per square foot since you don’t pay for slab a second time for the upstairs. Other times a second story costs a bit more because of the extra labor and materials to build and support a second floor – You will have a much taller building.

Can I have a Crawl Space or a basement under a barndominium?
We have had several clients as for barndominum plans including a basement or crawlspace. This is often in areas where a basement doubles as a safe room for weather. We have not seen a barndo built with a basement and this is because the barn builders are not familiar with a building over basement.

We believe you can have a barndominium with a basement but you will need an engineer to design a slab that will work with the metal building you choose. Your best bet might be having a basement which is smaller than the metal building so as the slab is somewhat normal where the metal building columns attach to the slab.

Floor Plan Examples 3D, 2D, Floor Plan and Electrical Layout

Below is a 3D Front-Right Perspective (Optional for Custom and Semi Custom Plans – Standard for Stock Plans)

Barndominium Floor Plan 3D Front Right Sample

Below is a sample Electrical Plan

Barndominium Floor Plan Electrical Sample

Below is a Sample Floor Plan with Kitchen and Bathroom

Barndominium Floor Plan Sample


Below is a Sample of of the 2D Drawings (Optional for Custom and Semi Custom Plans – Standard for Stock Plans)

Barndominium Floor Plans 2D Front Elevation