Floor Plan Pricing

*For Semi-Custom & Custom floor plans, clients may specify roof pitch, eave height, interior ceiling height, exterior siding material and orientation, and roof material.

Are you wondering if you need to pay more and upgrade to a Semi-Custom Plan or will a Stock Plan some changes work for you?
Builders usually “redline” plans to add details or to indicate changes such as:

  • move a door
  • move or resize a window
  • resize a shower
  • add a fireplace
  • add or change the dimensions of a porch / garage.Redlining a floor plan can be done after the plans are printed or before printing with a software program.  Below is a section of a floorplan redlined before printing on a Windows 10 computer with the program “Draw Board PDF” which can open and edit our floor plans which are delivered to you in as a .pdf file.  You may need to check with your code engineers for any restrictions for redlining.
    **If you buy a Stock Barndo Plan and find out you need to have your plan edited you can upgrade from the Stock plan to the Semi-Custom plan for the price difference.

Redline Barndominium Floor Plan

Relined Barndominium Floor Plan example

Floor Plan Examples 3D, 2D, Floor Plan and Electrical Layout

Below is a 3D Front-Right Perspective (Optional for Custom and Semi Custom Plans – Standard for Stock Plans)

Barndominium Floor Plan 3D Front Right Sample

Below is a sample Electrical Plan

Barndominium Floor Plan Electrical Sample

Below is a Sample Floor Plan with Kitchen and Bathroom

Barndominium Floor Plan Sample


Below is a Sample of of the 2D Drawings (Optional for Custom and Semi Custom Plans – Standard for Stock Plans)

Barndominium Floor Plans 2D Front Elevation