Three Bedroom Stock Barndominium Plans

These can be built as traditional barndo inside a pole barn or as a conventional stick build.  Your building location will determine which option is best.  We can customize these plans for your build.   Custom changes often include a different configuration for the shop as well as interior changes like room size changes and kitchen configuration.

Alice 35′ x 50′ – 3 bedroom – 2 bathroom (1,750 sq ft living 35′ x 35′ shop)

barndominiumfloorplans Alice-barndominium-3 Bed-2Bath-35x50-1750-sqft-plus-35x35-Shop

The Alice layout is perfect for a long covered porch with a dining room and master bedroom access. French doors between each room and the porch would add a lot of light.

The large master suite offers a walk-in closet, a lot of wall space, and a five-piece master bath with a water closet. Consider replacing the bathroom’s french doors with barn doors!

Beach House 35′ x 40′ – 3 bedroom -2 bathroom (1,400 sq ft living optional shop)


The Beach House plan offers three bedrooms with a master bedroom and two bathrooms.  Also, a shop can be added to this plan. This was inspired by a beach house in Galveston Texas. 

Beulah 50′ x 60′ – 3 bedroom – 3 bathroom (3000 sq ft living 50′ x 40′ shop) 

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Click here to see the Baby Beulah and Version 2 of the Beulah Barndo plan with the Kitchen on the other side.

The Beulah plan is a 2-story barndominium with 3,000 sq. ft of living space has 3 Bedrooms and 3 Bathrooms plus an Office and a loft.  It has a 200 sq. ft. mud/laundry room. 

Branch 40′ x 40′- 3 bedroom – 2 bathroom (1,600 sq ft living 30′ x 40′ shop) 

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Branch Barndominium Floor Plan 40 foot wide 3 bedrooms 2 bathrooms

The Branch floor plan has 1600 square feet of living space with three bedrooms and two full bathrooms. The 5-piece master bath features a luxurious two-person tub. A large combined laundry room and pantry provide great storage off the kitchen.

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Brittany 3 Bedroom 2.5 Bathroom 60×50 2,775 sq. ft. plus Office and Loft Plus 24×36 Shop

brittany-barndominium-3d-elevation-perspective-floor-plan- 3 Bedroom-3 bathroom-plus-Shop

The Brittany Farmhouse Barndominium Floor Plan is for a 60′ wide building.  It is a modified version of our Modern Farmhouse A plan with the difference having a monitor style roof, a large, covered back porch and the interior support walls are aligned.  

Clayton 30’x 60′- 3 bedroom -2 bathroom (1,860 sq ft living 30′ x 30′ Carport)

clayton-barndominium-3d render-front-30x60-1860-sqft-foor-plan-3bed-2bath-plus-30x30-carport
clayton barndominium 1800 sq ft floor plan

The Clayton is a version of the Grace with a carport. The laundry room has been enlarged to create a mudroom connecting the carport to the living area. Additionally, the pantry and walk-in closets in the master bedroom and second bedroom have been enlarged. 

Cody 35′ x 48′ – 3 bedroom – 1 bathroom (1,680 sq ft living 32′ x 35′ shop)

BarndominiumFloorPlans Cody Barndominium-3-Bedroom-1-Bathroom-1680-sq.ft-Floor-Plan-plus-Shop
Cody 3 bedroom 1 bath barndominium floor plan

The Cody features an open-concept great room that would be ideal for a cathedral ceiling with exposed ductwork.

A spacious loft could be added above the bedrooms for storage or a bonus room. Optimize the loft space by specifying exterior wall (eave) height, roof pitch, and interior ceiling height.

Optional customizing could include replacing the washroom closets with a bench, shelves, and hooks. The large storage closet off the family room could be removed to enlarge Bedroom #3.

Christina Farmhouse Barndominium 66′ x 68′ – 3 bedroom – 5 bathroom (4,488 sq ft living 22′ x 30′ shop)


The modern barn house, Christina, is a farmhouse style floor plan.  It is a 2 story barndominium with “t-shaped exterior roof & interior layout” having a total footprint of 66′ x 68′.   The home is spacious both in the interior and exterior areas making for a great home to meet all your needs including a dog area for your furry family members.  

Elaine 40′ x 40′- 3 bedroom – 2 bathroom (1,600 sq ft living 40′ x 40′ shop) 

Elaine-barndominium-3Bedroom-2Bathroom-40x 40-1600sqft-plus-40x40-Shop-3drender Elaine. 3 Bedroom 2 Bathroom 40x 40 1,600 sq ft plus 40x40 Shop

The Elaine floor plan provides three bedrooms and two full bathrooms. The kitchen features a large island with seating. The pull-through shop is generously sized at 1600 square feet to house all of your toys. The front door is uniquely located on the end wall of the home but it could be moved to the side wall, or you could have a door in both locations.

Grace 30′ x 60′ -3 bedroom -2 bathroom (1,800 sq ft living 30′ x 30′ shop)

grace barndominium 1800 sq ft floor plan 3 bed 2 bath

The shouse floor plan 3 bedroom, Grace, provides a large master suite featuring a 5-piece master bathroom. Two covered porches are included, each 8′ deep. Add panoramic patio doors to the living room to optimize your view.

Jasmine 40′ x 50′ – 3 bedroom – 2 bathroom (2,000 sq ft living 40′ x 40′ shop)  

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Jasmine is a spacious 2000 square foot floor plan. The master suite has a 5-piece bathroom. Would you keep the large shower or have a smaller shower and a larger closet? 

The kitchen features a pantry and an island that could have seating along the 8′ sides. 

The shop is set up with dual garage doors allowing pull-through RV, boat, or trailer storage.

Modern Farmhouse A 50′ x 55′ – 3 bedroom – 2.5 bathroom (2,500 sq ft main living 23′ x 30′ shop)

Modern-Farmhouse-Version-A-2500-sqft-Floor-Plan-3 bedroom-2.5 Bathroom-plus-Garage

Modern Farmhouse B Barndominium Plans 50′ x 60′ – 3 bedroom – 2 bathroom (2,810 sq ft main living 29′ x 29′ shop)

Modern-FarmHouse-VB-2810-sq-floor-plan-3-bedrooms-2.75-Bathrooms-plus Shop

Our Modern Farmhouse Barndominium Plans are very popular. Some people remove the lofts while others change the layout of the loft

Nash 30′ x 50′ – 3 bedroom -2 bathroom (1,500 sq ft living 30′ x 30′ shop) 

BarndominiumFloorPlans Nash. 3 Bedroom 2 Bathroom 30x50 1,500 sq ft with Master Suite plus 30x30 Shop
nash barndominium floor plan 1500 sq ft

The Nash features an open concept great room, laundry room, and master suite. Consider adding an optional porch with sliding glass door access off the living room.

Patrick 36′ x 55′ – 3 bedroom – 3 bathroom (1,980 sq ft living 25′ x 36′ shop)

3 bed 3 bath 36 foot wide barndominium floor plan
BarndominiumFloorPlans Patrick 3 Bedroom 3 Bathroom 36x55 1,980 sq ft with Laundry Room plus 25x36 Shop.

The Patrick is an example of a 36′ wide shouse floor plan which is a common width for some pole barn built shomes.

Randy 50′ x 40′ – 3 bedroom 2.5 bathroom (2,000 sq ft living 60′ x 50′ shop)


The Randy a 50×100 barndominium floor plan with shop has 3 bedrooms and 21/2 baths. Two porches  and a 3,000 sq ft shop measuring 50 feet wide by 60 feet long.

Stella 36′ x 41′ – 3 bedroom – 3 bathroom (3,600 sq ft living 36′ x 27′ shop)


The Stella Barndominium Floor Plan is for a 36′ – 2 story barndominium.  It was designed to have a traditional 2 story look with a full-length front porch and an upper and lower back porch to enjoy views from either side of the home.  An Office and open living area add to the main floor living.  The second-story loft is a great place to lounge and entertain while housing two additional bedrooms.

Tucker 25‘x 60′- 3 bedroom – 2 bathroom (1,500 sq ft main living 25′ x 22’ Shop)


The Tucker is a simple barndominium efficient in space with a single sloped roof and modern all in one.  Even though a modest space, the master suite provides a relaxing, open space in both the bedroom or the bath.   An office nook is drawn in the plan to ensure nothing is missed in this small barndominium.  

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